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We are a new generation of angel investors.

We support exceptional female

founders and diverse teams.

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Investing in gender diverse teams represents

enormous untapped potential.

Startups with +30% women
on their founding teams are
2.5x more profitable.

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More than
R$ 5.MI

raised for startups

founded by women.


We are a community of 100 female investors with different expertise. We think about our process with interactions that generate value for startups at all stages.

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Sororitê is an angel
investor community.

We have created an exceptional network of engaged women. We are professionals from different sectors united by our passion for innovation, our desire to support other women and our interest in investing in startups.

estampa sororite investimento investidora anjo startup investidoras mulheres anjo

Erica Fridman

 mulheres investidoras

Flavia Mello

Jaana Goeggel

On the media

sororite pr na midia forbes investidoras anjo mulher startup.

Angel investors come together to support startups founded by women

sororite pr na midia exame investidoras anjo-mulher startup investidoras mulheres anjo

For equity, they created a group of investors for female  startups

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Discover the investor platform that only selects startups from the female universe

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