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Angel investors aim for financial return when providing capital and other resources such as expertise and network to early stage startups.


Deals curated 

by Sororitê





By participating in the

largest group of female angel

investors in Latin America, you

can enjoy incredible benefits:

Network with professionals from the most diverse areas who share an interest in the innovation ecosystem, startups and angel investment.

Access to the expertise of other professionals who act as a support network in making the best investment decisions and contribute their experience to the evaluation of investment opportunities.


Learning opportunities for all levels of knowledge about angel investing, you dictate your pace and how much you can participate.


Unlimited access to Sororitê content and events: talks on topics related to angel investment with experts from our network, practice of startup evaluation skills, workshops with startups, social events such as lunches and happy hours.

Connection between angel investors and startups curated by our experts.

Testimonials from our members:

" It's a wonderful and very welcoming group, and the women really practice the sorority that we preach so much: For their professional and personal lives!”

" Without Sororitê I would never have been able to start investing as an angel, despite having wanted to do so for some time. It's a great gateway to start investing, and to meet incredible people."

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Does Sororitê have any type of charge for angel investors?

We charge a monthly fee for angel investors.

Is investment mandatory in all startups presented?

No, each angel investor decides which startups they will invest in and the investment is in the individual, this means that the investment is made between the investor and the startup directly.

How many startups do I need to invest in?

There is no requirement regarding the number of investments made in Sororitê. As a good market practice, it is recommended to build a portfolio for this type of high-risk, long-term asset.

Is the investment in the startup made by a Sororitê vehicle?

The investment is made between the investor and the startup directly.

Is there a minimum investment for each startup?

Yes, the minimum investment is R$15,000.

What is Sororitê’s relationship with the invested startups?

Our philosophy is to contribute to startups with the full strength of the group. We want to go beyond capital, providing expertise and opening doors.

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