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We are a driving force for ambitious female founders who take on the

giant challenge of building a high-impact startup.


More than

raised for startups founded by women



Have multiple interactions with our network throughout the process and benefit from different visions and insights for your startup.


Be a startup invested by Sororitê and access valuable resources for your success.

This is the crucial information to have in your pitch:




Business Model




All information shared with us
will be treated as confidential.

Without complete information, we cannot assess the startup's
adherence to our thesis and
will not proceed to phase 2.

We will respond if your startup will advance to the next Screening phase

within one week after receiving all the information.


Marina Ratton

Co-founder e CEO Feel

"From Feel's first conversations with Sororitê I realized that I was in a modern, welcoming and powerful movement. The commitment to investing in businesses led by women not only generates more innovation and economic impact, but also sheds light on urgent debates that need to be in our society."

Monique Lima

Co-founder e CEO Mimo Live Sales

"Each of our investors in the group focuses on a different topic, from team-related issues to important connections with partners and customers. Incredible women with consolidated journeys that aim to change the status quo and bring more women into entrepreneurship."

Founders FAQ

Does Sororitê charge anything from startups?

No, there are no charges for startup founders. We do not charge any contribution fees.

Is it mandatory to complete the information for the pitch?

Yes. If any requested information is not filled in, the startup will not be invited to the pitch.

How long, on average, does the entire process take (from registration to contribution)?

The first phase, between registration and the first evaluation meeting, takes a maximum of 15 days. After that, with confirmation for the pitch, the entire process takes an average of 1 to 2 months until funding is received.

Is there any type of follow-up after investment?

We have a smart money philosophy, we like to contribute with our expertise and network of contacts in addition to the capital we contribute. We value a good relationship with the investees in our portfolio and seek to follow up companies to support their prosperity and growth.

Do you accept applications all year round or during specific periods?

We accept applications year-round and hold weekly pitching sessions.

How big is the Sororitê’s check?

We, as a group, write checks for R$ 200 thousand - 1 Mi. Our average is R$500 thousand

Do I need to take the CTO to technical details in the pitch?

The startup decides who are the most important people to defend the thesis to investors. Usually, in the pitch, we do not go into in-depth technical details, this is left for the in-depth phase after the pitch.

Is Sororitê an investment fund or an angel network?

Sororitê is a network of female angel investors. The investment is made by each investor individually. Sororitê does not sign institutional checks.

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