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Flávia and Érica met in 2021, during an online meeting for angel investors. The two soon discovered that they had many affinities and also a common discomfort: the lack of representation and diversity in the world of angel investing. The environments of both startups and investors were dominated by white men.


One cause could be because only 13% of angel investors were women according to data from the Brazilian angel survey.

And with this realization came the idea:


“Why don't we create an angel investment group just for women?”

This is how Sororitê was born. At first, they created a group on WhatsApp and promoted virtual meetings with other investors. The group grew quickly, organically. One participant went, liked it and invited another.

It went from virtual to real and today Sororitê has a physical headquarter in São Paulo, has a team of supporters, holds face-to-face meetings, monthly talks and events for networking and knowledge exchange. It is a safe space of empathy and acceptance. It has become a very powerful network with more than 100 angel investors and hundreds of startups, founded by women, evaluated.


Jaana joined Flávia and Erica, in 2022. They are founding partners of the largest investors community in Latin America whose main objective is to fight gender disparities in their environment.

The founders


Flavia Mello

Angel investor

and growth executive.

  • LinkedIn

“I seek a more inclusive ecosystem for female startup founders.”


Erica Fridman

Angel investor with more than 10 startups in

her portfolio.

  • LinkedIn

“I am passionate about the new economy and disruptive ideas that will change the world.”


Jaana Goeggel

Swiss investor

with a Latin touch.

  • LinkedIn

“Success, for me, means delivering

new and sustainable solutions to the real needs of customers.”

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